Planning ahead

It is coming up to that time of year again.  Questions about how this year have gone start to bubble up in my brain. What worked?  What didn’t?  What did we miss out? What...


Hands Up, Who’s Volunteering?

If you’ve been here a little while, you’ll know that I have a volunteer role on a national home education committee and have done so for nearly four years.  That would be these guys, if you...


August on Instagram

Today, I thought we would start the process of catching up with the last couple of months of Instagram posts. In August we headed over the Kaimai Ranges and headed to Hamilton, where we...


Sick and tired already?

  Welcome to the first day of The Pukeko Patch’s NaBloPoMo posts. It is a highly inauspicious start, following the contraction of some random cold and cough by Master Oh Waily on Sunday, and...


The Optimist Strikes Again

For those who are familiar with blogs at this time of year, you’ll be well aware that the eternal optimists come out of the woodwork and sign up to the month long challenge that...



I’ve spoken before about my journey to change my parenting style and I’ve recommended books that have been great stepping stones on the journey. Today I am recommending another one. It is “Listen :...


July on Instagram

In July we took a trip back to Wellington so it was a quiet time on Instagram. The trip was so the kids could spend some time with their Dad while he was there...


June on Instagram

June’s adventures on Instagram. We were still learning things about Egypt, and spending plenty of time outdoors.      


May on Instagram

By way of making up for the large gaps of silence here at the blog, I will be posting a round-up of images from The Pukeko Patch’s Instagram feed.  You may have thought we...