Welcome to the Pukeko Patch !

This is the blogging home of the Oh Waily family’s home education journey.  Here you will find posts and updates about all the interesting, mundane and random occurrences of that journey.  In between those there may even be musings about parenting, raising children and anything else that may cross my mind to share.

You can find out a bit about us here and look back at our very early adventures at t’other blog here.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.  Now, on to our latest adventures…

July on Instagram

In July we took a trip back to Wellington so it was a quiet time on Instagram. The trip was so the kids could spend some time with their Dad while he was... READ MORE

May on Instagram

By way of making up for the large gaps of silence here at the blog, I will be posting a round-up of images from The Pukeko Patch’s Instagram feed.  You may have thought... READ MORE

Herding elephants…

Let’s start off this blog post by pointing out the elephant in the room …. GUILT. Lots and lots of guilt.  Attached to the idea that I should be taking time out for myself.... READ MORE

Ancients and Art

This is what we are going through this year in History.  I’ve chosen to hit the middle ground between the kids so that I can do one set of readings with them.  It’s... READ MORE