What do we do all day?

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That was the topic of a recent update over at the NCHENZ website.  It seems that even if you are currently home educating, your curiosity about how other people do things is still alive and well. The short answer is – there are as many ‘typical’ days as there are families following this educational path. […]



The Oh Waily kids and I made the trip up to see the Oh Waily grandparents yesterday.  This involves us driving the Desert Road and due to the colder weather we played “guess the temperature”.  After managing to drive through last year and the car’s external temperature gauge registering a -1ºC, this has become something […]

June Events post

June Events post

For those who may not be members of NCHENZ, you might want to join up and receive neat things like this monthly guide to what’s on.  Our marvellous treasurer / IT guru has started compiling these each month and I think they’re a great addition to the services our volunteer committee produce for the home […]

Book Review: Peaceful Parent, Happy K...


I’ve had this book in paperback form for a couple of years now and was making only a little headway with it as I picked it up, then put it down, then picked it up again.  Then our holiday to Fiji rolled around and I really didn’t want to lug half a case of books with […]

Meet “Leafy”


When in foreign places expect to meet interesting ‘locals’. Here is “Leafy” who provided much interest and amusement one day. He stayed with us until night fell and then wandered off at his own leisure. We have no idea what he actually is, other than pretty darn big – probably a good 10cm long or […]

History here we come

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.17.24 pm

Starting tomorrow we are giving a new history curriculum a run-through. We did try out a Classical option earlier but found that it wasn’t a really good fit for us. Between the age that the kids were when we tried it and my completely unrealistic expectations of what and how home education would work for us, […]

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