Numbers by Miss Oh

Numbers by Miss Oh

In the Oh Waily household we pretty much do some sort of formal maths each day.  And on any days that we don’t sit down at our books, we certainly discuss and do mental sums in our real life. Yesterday and the day before we […]

Testing progress

I have the great fortune of knowing a number of lovely ladies who are willing to help me out on occasion when I want to make sure that we are learning “as well as” Miss Oh’s contemporaries at school. Usually all I have to do […]

Mathematics Update

It has been a while since I last posted any sort of update on the mathematics progression of either of the Oh Waily children, so here it is. Finally. Miss Oh Waily is making her way through the My Pals Are Here! text and workbooks. […]

Art Detectives

Today’s Thursday Adventure Club* outing was to Te Papa Tongarewa, known simply as Te Papa. I had let my fingers do the walking and found an interesting link on their site, at the bottom of the What’s on for kids page.  The Family Trails. I […]

My Pals Are Here! – Maths

Following up on my earlier, excited, post here is a first look at the new maths books. I gave Miss Oh Waily the choice of which set to begin with, and naturally she chose the red set (it’s the closest colour to pink, after all). […]

They’ve arrived

They’ve arrived

Yes, the maths books I was waiting for from Singapore have finally arrived.  I was rather excited by that this morning.  So here are some photographs… Here is my chunky little box of goodies… I might have been just a little bit excited. I even […]