Last week an online friend, Jo, posted in her Facebook group that there was going to be an online Montessori Summit with multiple speakers, specifically about homeschooling.   We were very Montessori-inspired when the kids were younger and so her post caught my eye. Her […]

Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers

No doubt you will all remember me talking about the great changes we were able to make around our place by doing the My Organised Chaos course with Jo Ebisujima a little over a  year ago. Well I’m here to tell you about her new […]

Language learning resource

Does your library do this?  Mine does.  They have Mango for libraries. Isn’t that fabulous? If, like me, you live in a monolingual home then having access to an online option is a great bonus.  Did I mention it’s free to library members?  No?  Well […]

Not So Organised Chaos

That would be a fair description of life in the Oh Waily household on many a day.  So what better than getting some excellent pointers, and reminders, of what family life can look like. That’s what Jo from A Bit Of This and A Bit […]

Montessori Print Shop giveaway

For those who may be interested in these sorts of things, Montessori Print Shop is doing a fantastic giveaway right now. So if you love the idea of using Montessori inspired works with your children, but don’t necessarily know where to start, this may be […]

Detours and Rerouting

The stay at home section of the Oh Waily family have fallen into some rather undesirable habits of late.  The dreaded television has become rather more than an occasional treat and enjoyment, to the detriment of concentration and the ability to self-entertain.  Worse still, the […]