Physical Education

What Did We Do Today?

Today there was coffee !  And some applied maths… multiple-step multiplication and addition to work out the right number of blocks to make paths in Minecraft, for both kids.  Also some discussion about different patterns and how to construct them.   In between that there was […]

Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see

Today’s blog title is rather fitting as Tuesdays in the Oh Waily household tends to be afternoon heavy with events.  So I’m only just beginning to see the end of my working day right now. As for during today, thanks for a willing volunteer who […]

Real life physics

Today the Oh Waily kids had a real life physics lesson courtesy of one of the local play parks. It’s hard work balancing the scales when you don’t weigh the same amount. And it’s great work for them trying to figure out how to keep […]

Most Improved

Most Improved

Last night was the final evening of the local kids’ badminton club.  Surprising her totally, Miss Oh was the recipient of the Most Improved Novice Girl prize for 2015.  To say that she was happy and bashful all at once would be a bit of […]

Mount Kaukau walk

Mount Kaukau walk

Today, on the invitation of a friend, my two small people and I took a long uphill walk to the top of Mount Kaukau. And what a walk it was.  It’s roughly 2-3 kilometres in length but will take you to 445m above sea level […]

The crazies

Yes, we most definitely have them in this household. Crazy kids.  Physically adventurous kids – each in their own way. Here’s how we do physical education while on holiday.  Although I do tend to think that Mr Oh Waily gets the hardest workout from this. […]