Physical Education

We’ve been away

Not only have we been absent because of moving blog homes but we’ve also been on a family holiday.  I’m hoping our blog move is all under control now, so here’s a brief gallery of holiday photographs showing the team doing their usual thing while […]

Integrated Learning

I am about a third of the way through creating our first exemption application and it has been going well.  That is to say, it is going well now that I have managed to overcome a rather large dose of writer’s block. Part of the […]

Oh Waily kids

You would be forgiven for thinking that we had disappeared for the entire last part of summer.  Mr Oh Waily is away for work and I have correspondingly less time for things like blogging.  It’s another two weeks before he is home again so the […]

Walking the Line

No, I am not referring to Johnny Cash. I am talking about a nice Montessori activity that comes under the Practical Life section Control of Movement.  To read about the different, traditional ways of introducing this and extending it, visit the AMI website’s description here. […]

Sleepy Little Yoga

Sleepy Little Yoga

The last time Miss Oh Waily and I went out to the library she spotted this on one of the shelves and said she wanted to take it home. I was a bit surprised as this isn’t usually the sort of book that attracts her […]