Monday, Monday, it’s here to stay.

Monday, Monday, it’s here to stay.

So today the euphoria of winning the World Cup has gone, and it’s back to the daily routine.  Maths, gymnastics and a bit of science were the order of the day. Master Oh is working on his subtracting skills using counting back techniques, and rather […]

Art Detectives

Today’s Thursday Adventure Club* outing was to Te Papa Tongarewa, known simply as Te Papa. I had let my fingers do the walking and found an interesting link on their site, at the bottom of the What’s on for kids page.  The Family Trails. I […]

Night writer

Every now and then Miss Oh Waily gets so tired during the day that she ends up taking a nap.  This isn’t ideal because it naturally pushes out the other end of the day with a child who should be in bed and sleeping at […]