History in a nutshell: Volume 1

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  • Rochelle

    Thanks for sharing. I had seen the ‘The Story of the World’ books but I wasn’t sure whether or not they’re written from a faith-based perspective? As we’re truly secular homeschoolers, would you recommend them?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      We are a secular household (1 atheist & 1 fence-sitter) but I’d be loathe to recommend it to you without knowing you better, as we all have different limits on what we are comfortable with.
      What I can tell you is: there are 42 chapters (315 pages), of those, five chapters deal with Christianity or the Israelites directly. Other religions/philosophies are also presented – Greek gods, Roman gods, Anansi, Confucius, etc.
      I haven’t read far enough through to tell you if the overall tone is faith oriented, but I’d be happy to send an email with a list of the chapters and sections, if that would help with your assessment of the books.

      • Rochelle

        Thanks L. I’ve since found a comprehensive article by Susan Wise Bauer on her ‘Well Trained Mind’ website. It’s led me to the conclusion that ‘The Story of the World’ is not quite the right ‘fit’ for our family’s outlook.

        I really appreciate you sharing your home educating journey and the resources you’ve found with others so generously. Many thanks.

        • It is good to hear that you found enough information to make a decision. It’s a tough thing to recommend resources as we are all so different and our needs and outlooks vary along such a very wide spectrum.

          Are you blogging at all? I’d love to hear how a “truly secular” homeschool family approaches things. 🙂

          • Rochelle

            Hi L, I will PM you my email address via Facebook as that could give us the chance to have a more private ‘conversation’. I sense there may be some similarities in our approaches. 🙂

  • Hi Rochelle,
    That’d be terrific. I’m really interested in learning about the whole spectrum of homeschooling. It isn’t hard to find examples of those teaching from a faith perspective, but I’ve found it hard to find blogs for those who don’t.
    And it would be nice to see what others are doing for the younger end of the educational spectrum that doesn’t involve delving into Dawkins. 😉

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