Minecraft for Parents

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  • I really needed this when Miss9 started playing Minecraft. I tried my best to understand it, but she has outsmarted me again and I often ask her help which ends in a lot of “Oh Mum!”‘s.

    • Ms Oh Waily

      Yes, if I could have found a tutorial like this at the beginning it would have been a much smoother introduction to Minecraft. I will most probably link to useful websites we’ve used as well, to allow for expanding knowledge from the basics.

  • Selena

    I think I’ve mentioned it before but we’ve never gone down the mine craft route. Instead we use project spark which is free from Windows 8.1 and above and on Xbox one. The variation in difficulty is entirely up to you and the tutorials are excellent

    • Ms Oh Waily

      Sounds good.
      Unfortunately we are a Mac household with no console games, so that option isn’t currently open to us. 🙂
      And to be fair, it’s quite likely that the target market isn’t kids as young as mine, so finding information before beginning would be easier for older ones.

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