July on Instagram

In July we took a trip back to Wellington so it was a quiet time on Instagram. The trip was so the kids could spend some time with their Dad while he was there...


June on Instagram

June’s adventures on Instagram. We were still learning things about Egypt, and spending plenty of time outdoors.      


May on Instagram

By way of making up for the large gaps of silence here at the blog, I will be posting a round-up of images from The Pukeko Patch’s Instagram feed.  You may have thought we...


Ancients and Art

This is what we are going through this year in History.  I’ve chosen to hit the middle ground between the kids so that I can do one set of readings with them.  It’s about...

Secular Homeschool Awareness Month 2

Secular Homeschool Awareness Month

When this post crossed my Google Plus path a little earlier this month I just had to smile. As a relatively recent arrival in the world of home educating I’ve always been on the...


Minecraft for Parents

Inspired somewhat by Miss Oh’s videos of her Let’s Play world, I decided that it would be nice to create something for parents of young Minecrafters. When I first heard of Minecraft it sounded...