Patch Pick: The Tree of Life lab

Patch Pick: The Tree of Life lab

The Pukeko Patch kids recently caught up with one of our favourite YouTube channels, Minute Earth.
While watching one of their videos we were pointed to their website which allows you to interactively explore the Tree of Life. The video in question was about clades and is called You Are A Fish

Their website has a section called the Tree of Life Explorer.

I think it makes a good first entry to our Patch Pick series, where I will be posting about interesting websites, apps or similar resources that we have come across in our internet wanderings.

If you have a science loving kid, or are working through an understanding of how all life on Earth is connected, then this might be a useful tool for you to deploy. It is graphical and includes links to websites like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility which launches a whole new world of exploration and information gathering.  It could lead to quite the rabbit hole of learning.


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