Planning ahead

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  • My daughter is formally finished for the year so I should be in planning mode. I’ve got as far as brainstorming a list of things she might be interested in plus noting what skills I think need finetuning before I release her into the world.Now I just have to see if she is keen on any of them, before I put any energy into hunting out resources. Some maybe textbooks but for others I suspect I’ll be desiging the course from scratch. No sense putting too much time in until I know exactly what she wants.

  • We’re four months into our school year, and I’m going through a major reassessment right now. I find it amazing how quickly something that worked for a while suddenly stops working! Organizational tools are a big help. I use a teacher’s academic calendar for lesson planning, but I don’t really have a system for keeping track of what resources I need. I just try to *remember*. Definitely not the most effective approach!

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