TV Free

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  • Sarah

    We have limited TV time here. None at all on weekday mornings and very rarely after school either! Mostly just on weekends and I really prefer it to be restricted by being 1 DVD, or ‘until dinner is ready’ for example, then there is a clear ending rather than ‘right, time to turn it off ‘ and they freak out and can’t think of anything else they could possibly do without it!

    • I wish I was more consistent in this area. Miss OWW is usually fine if I give a warning that “at the end of…” the TV is finished for the day. But Master OWW is just at that stage where even with that warning, if he’s become hooked in, there are tanties to be had. I’m soooo waiting for the tanty/self-control wiring phase to work itself through. :-/

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