Language learning resource

Does your library do this?  Mine does.  They have Mango for libraries. Isn’t that fabulous? If, like me, you live in a monolingual home then having access to an online option is a great bonus.  Did I mention it’s free to library members?  No?  Well […]


Do you read your children poetry? I remember being very ambivalent about poetry at school.  I don’t ever really recall understanding meter and how to structure a poem.  I could probably barely tell you the difference between a haiku and an epigram. I finally enjoyed […]

Moveable Alphabet

Miss Oh Waily has always been in love with numbers, with the odd little bit of interest in letters thrown in just for variation.  I have been waiting patiently for her to show her sensitive period for reading and interest in all things writing.  Would […]

Object Box Alternative

This past week I thought I would try again with Miss Oh and letters. She knows their names and most of the sounds.  We play I Spy to help with sound recognition and for fun, but other than that and the odd bit of writing […]