National Council of Home Educators New Zealand

I thought I would share a great resource if you happen to be a home educator in New Zealand.  It is the National Council of Home Educators New Zealand. If you click through on the logo to the left you will be taken to a […]

The Magazine Files

Today, as I mentioned over at Oh Waily earlier, I took a further step in creating some sort of order out my homeschool things.  Although at this stage of proceedings there isn’t an awful lot of “things” to organise. At the age of five and a […]

Home Study Kit

Just a quick plug today for the wonderful Jo of My Organized Chaos.  She has put together a Home Study Pack option.  So if you found the e-course price a bit intimidating, then perhaps you might be more comfortable with this new offer. What’s even […]

Q & A Day

Q & A Day

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the punctuation mark – ? What this translates to is me answering questions that I’ve been asked by some online friends.  (Thanks for helping out with NaBloPoMo material guys.) What does a “typical” day look like? Well, […]

The Desk

Today I was going to update you on our Grass People and the haircuts as administered by the Oh Waily kids.  But, something more exciting has come along and gazumped them. Ever since I started on Jo’s  My Organized Chaos course I have been looking out for a desk […]

Art & Craft Supplies Makeover

Sorry for being absent for so long.  We have been doing things at the Patch, I just haven’t had the time to blog about it yet. Today we are starting with a before and after of a project that would never have happened if I […]