Family Field Trip: Cape Palliser Lighthouse

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  • Ann

    Hi Lynn great photos, new camera is taking lovely pictures, lots of love Ann xx

    • Nice to see you dropping by.
      And thanks, I’m loving the new camera. Learned a bit about my old lens when we went on this trip & what not to do with filters. You might like the seal photographs in the next blog post. 🙂

  • Clare

    Hi Lynn,
    We did the Pencarrow lighthouse trip when we were in Welly at xmas. Great photos, we had a similar sunny still day which was great for biking out there.

    • I’ve been thinking about walking to Pencarrow, but I think it’d be too far for the kids. And we don’t have bikes for all of us yet.
      I like the photos too. Now I just have to relearn everything about SLRs again. 😉

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