Neighbourhood Walk: Wellington, New Zealand

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    I thought it might be good to share the Neighbourhood Walk over here at Oh Waily as well. I hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Wellington. 🙂

  • melita

    I thought only Japan has those beautiful manhole covers. 🙂 Great to see that that`s not the case. And I have to say, you have a very modern post box. 🙂

    • Hi Melita,
      Thanks for stopping by. I think it is a bit of trend in public utilities now, the making them prettier as it’s not only the manhole covers that are improving.
      As for the post box, we don’t have many old ones still in use, but then our old is not the old of many other countries.
      I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to NZ. 😀

  • Tori

    What a fantastic representation of our beautiful city. Absolutely love this and want to thank you for being a wonderful ambassador for us in this project. Yay you!

    • Hey Tori,
      Thanks for the kind comment. I’ve loved seeing the other country’s bits and pieces. I now want to visit so many places with the kids. 😀

  • I didn’t realise Wellington was such an arty city! Love the modern postbox and the fancy manhole cover, I was starting to think Japan was the only place that had them!
    thanks for joining in, it will be sad when the tour ends!

    • Hi Jo,
      Thanks so much for creating this. I have loved seeing everyone else’s photographs. It’s a wonderful idea, and it will be sad to see it end.
      Yes, Wellington is quite arty. It has lots of theatre and film too (Weta being the most well known in the film world).

  • I’m somewhat envious of your spiffy commuter trains. They look so efficient!

    • I can’t answer for the efficiency as I’m not a commuter, but they certainly are a nice upgrade from the older trains. Very shiny and new. 😀
      Thanks for visiting.

  • sewlindaann

    Thank you for the tour of a place I dream of visiting!

    • You are most welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      And thank you for stopping by.

  • What a lovely tour! Thank you. I especially lie the buzzy bee as I recently learnt all about Kiwiania! I had never heard about it before but I keep noticing little bits and pieces now 🙂
    The park looks lovey too – great location. x
    We have a lot of requests for families from New Zealand in the culture swaps I organise and I think it’s because most people know so little about your lovely country.

    • Thank you Rachael, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Buzzy Bee is a very common gift for young children, in all his many forms. They’ve even made a cartoon of him and his friends.
      As for culture swaps, I’ve been meaning to head over and see what is involved as I’m sure my little people would love to get mail from all around the world. Expect to see me some time soon. 😀

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  • zonnah

    Interesting how popular coffee is, it is the same way here.

    • Yes, I found it quite surprising when we first moved. I could understand it in winter where something warm in your hands for the walk to work might be welcome, but in Summer?
      I think I’m a true local in this respect now as I have my own personal favourite coffee cart. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

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